I LOVE shoes!!! But I try to keep the amount below 100 pairs.
You can never own too many shoes – and you only regret the pairs you didn’t buy!!!
I love stilettos, vintage shoes, clear lucite shoes, colourful shoes, crazy shoes, different shoes, party shoes, sandals, slippers, flip-flops, flats, granny boots – my shoe closet is very open-minded.
What will never find way to my shoe closet? Crocs! Ough! … aah, on the other side – if they made a clear pink pair with embedded silver glitter and rhinestones at the strap - then …!
Here you can see some of my collection if you like.

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I am often asked how I store all my shoes.
My shoes for daily use are at the bottom of my wardrobe, both on a sloping stand, at the bottom and in boxes.

My party shoes and the season shoes (I change every Spring and Autumn) are stacked in boxes in a closet in the basement.

Let’s start with my collection of clear lucite shoes – my absolute favourites.
They are all from the late forties to the very beginning of the sixties, I love the fifties style most. Also see my matching lucite purse collection.

Here is my favourite pair which my brother has restored for me. Lots of rhinestones in the heels. This pair is nice and clear. In the middle of the sole is a small piece of elastic, an invention from the fifties, a socalled “springolator” that supported the feet while walking.
Another pair of clear springolators with rhinestone heels.
The problem with vintage clear shoes is that they often yellow through the eras. This pair is evenly yellowed so I can use them for daily wear.
A fabulous pair of clear springolators with lots of rhinestones in the heels, my most beautiful pair.
A more simple pair of clear lucite springolators with carved heel.
Almost the same pair as above, but this pair has slingback.
An early sixties pair with plateau heels, very high and very funky.
And a modern pair with funny heels, great pool-side.
A gorgeous pair with rhinestone heels – from the fifties.
A pink pair from the fifties.
I was lucky winning them for one dollar at eBay, but had to do a lot of restoration – I used half a bottle of nail polish on the pearls.
Another pink pair from the fifties with a rhinestone front strap.
A pale green pair from the fifties.
End of vintage shoes, back to present time – and everyday life.
Here are three pink pairs in a row – my famous chocking hot pink stilettos, another pink peeptoe pair and a Brigitte Bardot chequered stilettos.
Yet another pink pair of stilettos.
Red patent peeptoe stilettos – I love red shoes.
Black dotted peeptoe slingback stilettos – matches my dotted skirts and a dress perfectly.
Bright red patent slingbacks with white stiches.
A fabulous pair of skyhigh platform shoes with flowers.
And a pair of stiletto sneakers I got for Christmas from my SIL.
A pair of black, pleated copy shoes with pale pink velour bows.
And a pair of white patent peeptoe stilettos.
Now you all think – has that woman no flats!?
YES, I’m an either-or-type, either I wear high stilettos or flats. Here is my belowed and very old pair of silver sneakers (almost vintage now), a pair of flat slingbacks with heartshaped heels (I love the heartshaped footprints I leave behind) and my favourite flip-floops – I literally bought the rest of the stock.
I LOVE sandals! I have a huge collection so I didn’t have the energy to take photos of them all, but here are three favourites: two silver pairs, the second pair has my sister brought with her from Egypt, (they match almost everything) and a pink pair with a heart at the front and a half clear heel.
Black shoes in a row. First a very sixties-like slingbacks which I love so much I bought a pink pair too. The second pair is for everyday wear and the last pair is a party pair with a line of rhinestones, which I bought at what equals to 10 dollars. I am so lucky to wear size 6 – I always get my shoes at bargain prices. :)
Two old stilettos from the eighties.
The first is black patent which I have put a silver bow on – I have danced the night away in this pair many times.
The other pair is also lovely and has been a party favourite for many years. They have triangle pinkings at the front.
My black patent porn boots!
And pink pair of boots for daily wear.
The clog-stilettos I seduced Max in (in 1980). I was the only girl in stilettos and a summer dress with a high slit – his destiny! :)
A golden glitter pair from the eighties bought at an Italian market. They are among the shoes I never part with. In the middle another golden eighties pair my parents have bought for me and a new silver pair from Friis & Co – my favourite shoe brand.
Gold, silver ... and here is bronze. With a nice and big rhinestone at the front.

And a bright red pair of pinup shoes. I use them every Christmas Eve. Every elf girl’s dream.

What do you do if you cannot decide?
You buy both pairs of course!
Here is a red and a black patent pair of stilettos with a leopard detail at the front.
My very old neon green eighties stilettos which I never part with. You never know when you need a pair of chocking green stilettos.

And my “Bratz” shoes, they are more special than pretty, but they cost me what equals to 5 dollars!
Shoes I have designed:
My nail polish shoes. They are a white pair of stilettos painted with many different colours of nail polish – my initials are at the side.

And my famous chess chequred shoes from the eighties. I have painted them with a kind of black ink. It takes two days making them, but they are a great conversation piece. Alas – both pairs need a refresher.

My pearly pink clogs – of course I don’t have an ordinary black pair!

My very old (vintage?) pair of side-by-side rollerskates with a Californian hill brake. I found them at a re-use shop for what equals to 2 dollars. They roll really good.
And my pink painted Bauer icehockey skates with purple laces and granny’s knitted pink socks in.

Practical and comfy slippers, hmm.
Every bombshell has to own such ones.
Sonia Rykiel for H&M, 2009, with rhinestone heels, uhm!
You have to have several colours of bedroom slippers to choose from.
Nooo, it is normally this model I pad around in at home. These Playboy-slippers are soft, nice and warm during the long Danish Winter.
  See my purse collection here ...